Thank you for donating!

This is our 2nd year working to send Art Kits to Foster Kids.  Over 80 comedians are donating their time and talent on Clubhouse to make you laugh and help us raise money to purchase as many art kits for foster kids as we can.  We are beyond grateful to them for their generosity.  

We thank you, in advance, for every single donation, no matter how small or big, to help us reach as many foster kids as we can!  In addition to sending out Art Kits, we will be using a portion of the money raised to purchase much needed supplies and good for The Jodie O'Shea House in Bali, Indonesia.  


After you donate, you will receive an invoice from JMC Entertainment, Inc.  Donations are NOT tax deductible. We hope to have our non-profit status by next year's campaign!

To see our progress, please check our website or sign up for our newsletter. 100% of the proceeds will be used for art kits & essentials.  We will list every penny raised and every penny spent.  

Again, thank you to everyone involved in helping us make this happen!

Jess Miller


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Thank you to our Donors

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We will update as ofter as we can during the fundraiser (and by we, I mean, me).

 If that's not possible, please check back soon for updates!